Proud to be local…


It’s probably safe to say that flying can be an inherently stressful experience. There’s the waiting, the queuing, the check in process, not to mention getting to the airport in the first place.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport are in the unique position of being able to offer the good folk of South Yorkshire their own truly local airport.

Our brief was to create a 30” TV spot which would communicate the benefits of a local airport and the ease of getting there. South Yorkshire has seen huge investment in its road network, which means getting to DSA is now easier than ever before. It can also match its rivals, namely Manchester and Leeds/Bradford in terms destinations – boasting over 40.

When it came to creative approach we wanted to tap into that inherent sense of Yorkshire Pride – if you’re proud to be from Yorkshire then be proud of your local airport – We address the fact that many travelers may not have considered DSA as viable option before.

The ad follows one mans journey set to narrative voiced by BBC’s Ashes to Ashes star Dean Andrews, we focus poetically on the virtues of air travel as our hero arrives at the airport, sails through check-in and ultimately steps on board his Flybe plane.

In the final dénouement of the story the tone shifts sharply to a more direct Yorkshire vernacular and quips “why the eck didn’t I fly from here before?”

We wanted this final question to resonate with the audience – Be proud to fly local, be proud of Doncaster Sheffield Airport.